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На дипломатической службе On Diplomatic Service

From the publisher: Эта книга - воспоминания бывшего партийного и госсударственного деятеля Мирзо Рахматова, является продолжением вышедшей в издательстве «Ирфон» в 1988 г. его книги «По страницам памяти». В предлагаемом читателям издании автор рассказывает о своей работе послом СССР в Йеменской Арабской Республике и Мавритании. Mirzo Rakhmatov (1914-1998) was a Tajik party and state official. As chairman of the republic's Supreme Soviet, he was the formal head of state for the republic in the 1950s. He later served as ambassador to Yemen and Mauritania. This memoir covers his diplomatic service, including the civil war in Yemen. This is the second volume of a two part memoir, the first of which covers his early career in the party.
Date: 1991 Source: Rakhmatov, Mirzo. Na diplomaticheskoi sluzhbe Dushanbe: Irfon, 1991).

Река времени: от Сталина до Горбачева The River of Time: From Stalin to Gorbachev

Nuriddin Mukhitdinov (1917-2008) was an Uzbek Soviet party official and later ambassador to Syria. A veteran of the great patriotic war, he became first secertary of the Communist Party of Uzbekistan under Khrushchev before becoming the first Central Asian to member of the Presidium (Politburo) of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. This volume of Mukhitdinov's memoirs provides much more information about his time as ambassador to Syria as well as his relationship with Sharof Rashidov, Frol Kozlov, Aleksei Kosygin, and others.
Date: 1994 Source: Mukhitdinov, Nuriddin. Reka vremeni: Ot Stalina do Gorbacheva. Moscow: Rusti-Rosti, 1994.