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Letters from Azerbaidzhani Public, Political
and Government Figures (1904-1937)

Compiled by Salavat M. Iskhakov This collection contains letters, previously unknown and unavailable, from the personal archives of a number of the…

Contributors: Salavat M. Iskhakov

Islam and the Soviet State, 1917-1990

[Under construction]

A collection of documents related to the Soviet state policy toward Islam. It includes reports, resolutions, and letters of…

Contributors: Arapov, D. Yu.

1916 Insurrection in Turkestan

[under construction]

Contributors: Tatiana V. Kotyukova

Religious Boards of Transcaucasian Muslims in the Russian Empire, 19-20th centuries.

An anthology of documents reflecting the process of Islam’s evolution in the Russian Empire, in particular its institutionalization in the…

Contributors: Anastasiya A. Ganich

Soviet Muslim Posters, 1918-1940

Visual propaganda played an enormous role in the history of the 20th century. In contrast to the 19th century, it was aimed not only at the educated…

Contributors: Vladimir Bobrovnikov, ed.

Muslims and the Civil War in Russia, 1917-1921

The documents in the set deal with the period of the Russian civil war in the former Russian Empire and the Muslim peoples’ attitude toward the…

Contributors: Salavat M. Iskhakov

Teaching Materials

Formation of a Social Boundary by Karina V. KorostelinaNation Building as Identity-Based Conflict by Karina V. KorostelinaThe Rise of Islamic…