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Жизнь в искусстве A Life in Art

Ashur Haydarov (1916-1988) was a Tajik artist. Born in Samarqand, he studied with Pavel Benkov, then went to work at the newspaper Lenin Yuli, where one of his colleagues was future First Secretary of Uzbekistan Sharof Rashidov. After the outbreak of war in 1941, Haydarov volunteered for service and was comissioned as a Second Liutenant. He was taken prisoner but escaped and joined partisan forces, eventually joining an NKVD detachment. After the war in 1949 Haydarov was arrested for supposed collaboration and imprisoned until 1955. He subsequently made a succesful aristic career but was not formally rehabilitated until 1989. The volume includes his (unfinished) memoirs, focusing on his youth, wartime service, and imprisonment, as well as articles from colleagues and friends.
Date: 2001 Source: Haydarov, Ashur. Zhizn' v iskusstve. Dushanbe, 2001.