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The Soviet Regime's Interaction with Domestic Islam

The Bolshevik regime that came to power in Russia in November 1917 inherited several regions whose indigenous populations were predominantly Muslim.…

Contributors: Yaacov Ro'i

Central Asian Memoirs of the Soviet Era

This project aims to significantly widen the spectrum of Central Asian voices in the historiography of Soviet Central Asia.  While Central Asian…

Contributors: Artemy Kalinovsky (Temple University), Isaac Scarborough (Liverpool John Moores University), Marlene Laruelle (George Washington University), Vadim Staklo (George Mason University)

Military Mullahs

How the Activities of Full-Time Muslim Clergy in the Russian Army Were Organized Between 1914 and 1917   Read Introduction by N. Podpriatov

Contributors: Nikolai Podpriatov

National Delimitation in Central Asia

Introduction by Shoshana Keller These documents concern the national delimitation of the Central Asian republics in 1924 and 1929; two of them focus…

Contributors: Shoshana Keller

France, Poland, and the Crimean Tatars' Struggle for Independence
Primary Sources: 1918-1937

Compiled by Salavat M. Iskhakov The history of Crimea and its indigenous population, the Crimean Tatars, has yet to be sufficiently studied, despite…

Contributors: Salavat Iskhakov

Letters from Azerbaidzhani Public, Political
and Government Figures (1904-1937)

Compiled by Salavat M. Iskhakov This collection contains letters, previously unknown and unavailable, from the personal archives of a number of the…

Contributors: Salavat M. Iskhakov

Islam and the Soviet State, 1917-1990

[Under construction]

A collection of documents related to the Soviet state policy toward Islam. It includes reports, resolutions, and letters of…

Contributors: Arapov, D. Yu.

1916 Insurrection in Turkestan

In the summer of 1916 a number of uprisings by Muslims roiled the Russian Empire's Central Asian possessions. Central Asians were rising up against…

Contributors: Tatiana V. Kotyukova

Religious Boards of Transcaucasian Muslims in the Russian Empire, 19-20th centuries.

An anthology of documents reflecting the process of Islam’s evolution in the Russian Empire, in particular its institutionalization in the…

Contributors: Anastasiya A. Ganich

Soviet Muslim Posters, 1918-1940

Visual propaganda played an enormous role in the history of the 20th century. In contrast to the 19th century, it was aimed not only at the educated…

Contributors: Vladimir Bobrovnikov, ed.

Muslims and the Civil War in Russia, 1917-1921

The documents in the set deal with the period of the Russian civil war in the former Russian Empire and the Muslim peoples’ attitude toward the…

Contributors: Salavat M. Iskhakov

Teaching Materials

Formation of a Social Boundary Nation Building as Identity-Based Conflict The Rise of Islamic Insurgency Containment of Islamic Insurgency Prevention…