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Рустем Юсуфебков как учитель, наставник, устод. Rustem Iusufbekov: teacher, mentor, professor.

From the publisher: Книга посвящена известному таджикскому ученому, политэконому, специалисту по экономическим проблемам образования, государственному деятелю, члену-корреспонденту АН Республики Таджикистан, заслуженному деятелю науки, доктору экономических наук, профессору Рустамбеку Юсуфбекову. Книга включает статьи о научной и творческой деятельности Рустамбека Юсуфбекова с основными датами жизни и деятельности, список опубликованных работ, работ, редактированных ученым, а также литературу о нем. This volume is a collection of reminiscences about the educator and government official Rustem Iusufbekov (1923-2007). Originally from Ishakshim, Iusufebkov began his career as a schoolteacher before joining the communist party and later completing graduate work in economics, eventually becoming the head of the Political Economy department at the State University in Dushanbe. He then had a number of senior party and state positions, including Minister of Education of the Tajik SSR (1963-1974) and Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Tajik SSR (1974-1984).
Date: 2013 Source: Iusufbekov, Iu. R. Rustem Iusufbekov kak uchitel', nastavnik, ustod. Dushanbe: 2013).

Мукотибаи Садриддин Айнӣ ва Абулқосим Лоҳутй. The correspondence of Sadriddin Ayni and Abdulqosem Lahuti

From the publisher: Ин китоб аз мактубҳои ду устоди бузург, Қаҳрамони Тоҷикистон Садриддин Айнӣ ва Абулқосим Лоҳутӣ фароҳам омадааст. Мактубҳо қимати илмиву адабӣ ва таърихӣ доранд.
This is a collection of correspondence between two of Soviet Tajikistan’s most prominent writers: Sadriddin Ayni (1878–1954) and Abdulqosim Lahuti (1887-1957). While both became part of the Tajik literary pantheon, neither had their primary residence in the republic. Ayni spent most of his life in Samarqand, while Lahuti lived in Moscow with his wife, Cecilia Bonu. These letters, held at the Archive of the Rudaki Institute of Literature in Dushanbe, were first published during the Soviet era. This second, more complete edition, includes additional letters from the period of the terror, when Ayni in particular was put under a great deal of pressure. The publication was prepared and edited by Khursheda Otahonova.
Date: 2003 Source: Otakhonova, Khursheda, (ed). Mukotibai Sadriddin Aini va Abulqosim Luhuti. Dushanbe: Devashtich, 2003.