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Арбоби барчастаи давлати. J Rasulov: An Outstanding Government Official

Jabbor Rasulov (1913-1982) was a Tajik party and government official, and first secretary of the Tajik SSR Communist Party from 1961 until his death in 1982. An agronomist by training, he worked in the Komsomol and was briefly (1960-61) the USSR's ambassador to Togo. This volume includes reminscences and essays by historians and party officials, including Shodi Shabdolov, the head of Tajikistan's communist party after independence.
Date: 2003 Source: Masov, R.M., ed. Arbobi barjastai davlati. Dushanbe: Irfon, 2003.

Власть времени The Power of Time

From the publisher: Публикуемые мемуары выдающегося государственного и общественного деятеля Таджикистана Назаршо Додхудоева (1915—2000) знакомят читателя с отдельными эпизодами и людьми, связанными с жизнью страны в наиболее интересный период новейшей истории Центральной Азии. Эти драгоценные свидетельства складываются в рассказ о судьбе паренька с далекого Памира, сумевшего благодаря несомненным качествам лидера, беззаветной любви к Родине и исключительному уважению к людям оказать влияние на развитие республики в середине XX столетия. Nazarsho Dodhudoev (1915-2000) was a party and state official. Born in the Rushan district of what would later become the Gorno Badakshanskaia Avtonomnaia Oblast' (GBAO), he began his career as a teacher before joining the Komsomol and eventually the NKVD before embarking on a state and party career in Stalinabad (Dushanbe) and Moscow. He lost his position in the purge that followed the cotton scandal in Tajikistan in 1961. The memoir covers his childhood, education, the political effects of the purges, and his work under Bobojon Gafurov, Tursun Uljaboev, and others.
Date: 2001 Source: Dodkhudoev, Nazorsho. Vlast' vremeni. Almaty, 2001.

Тақдир (хотира ва
Fate (memoirs)

From the publisher: «Такдир» хотира ва ёддоштҳои ходими маъруфи ҳизбиву ҷамиятӣ Камоли Суфиён буда, аз талху шириниҳои рӯзгор ва лаҳзаҳои хотирмону нотакрор ҳикоят мекунад. Роҳи паймуда ва қисмати қаҳрамони марказй ибратбахшу пандомӯз аст, махсусан, барои ҷавонон. Kamol Sufiyon (Sufiev) 1931–? was a Communist Party official who rose to be Minister of Horticulture of the Tajik SSR and continued his political career after the Soviet collapse. This memoir covers his childhood near Nurek in the 1930s, his time in the Komsomol, the war years, the building of the Danghara canal in the post-war years, military service in Ashkhabad (Turkmenistan) and his Party career in a number of districts, including Ordzhonikidzeabad (Vahdat).
Date: 2011 Source: Sufiyon, Kamoli. Taqdir (khotira va yoddoshtho). Dushanbe: Adib, 2011.

Солҳо ва одамони наҷиб. (аз дафтари хотира). Interesting times and interesting people

Muhiddin Zoirov (1931-2018) was a Tajikistani Party and government official. Originally from the village of Laqqon in Badakhshan, he studied agriculture in Dushanbe before embarking on a Party career that saw him rise to the post of Minister of Agriculture of the Tajik SSR and First Secretary of Gorno-Badakshan party organization. This volume collects his thoughts on various state and Party figures he encountered in his career, including Jabbor Rasulov, Abdulahad Kakhorov, as well as many local officials, farm managers, and others. The volume includes over 40 pages of photographs from the author's collection.
Date: 2012 Source: Zoirov, Mukhiddin. Solho va odamoni najib (az daftari khotira). Dushanbe: Shujoyon, 2012.