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Сарнавишт Fate

From the publisher: Қудратуллоҳи Искидарғи дар иигоштаҳояш бо номи «Сарнавишт» аз дидаву шунидаҳояш бозгӯ шудааст, ки паҳлӯуои норӯшани ҳаёти солиёни гузаштаи рӯзгорашро рушанӣ меандозанд. Qudratulloi Iskidarghi (Sharifi Jamil Qudrati), b. 1927, was a longtime employee of the Tajik SSR's Committee for Radio and Television, and worked closedly from 1960s-1980s with many television and movie directors. Originally from the small village of Dargh near Aini, his memoir comments on his work and origins.
Date: 2014 Source: Iskidarghi, Qudratulloi. Sarnavisht. Dushanbe: Kayhon, 2014.