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Толей баланд Great Fortune

From the publisher: Автор книги «Счастливая судьба» - ученый, писатель, общественный и государственный деятель Холмурод Шарифов рассказывает в публицистической форме о своих путешествиях во многие страны мира. Holmurod Sharifov (1927-2017) was a Tajik-Soviet party and government official. Originally from the area of Panjikent, he and his family were resettled in the Vaksh valley in 1937; after 1946 he embarked on a career in the Komsomol and later in the Party. He eventually earned a kandidatskaia degree from the Academy of Social Sciences of the CPSU. He served as Deputy Minister of Culture and Central Committee Secretary for Culture of the Communist Party of Tajikistan from 1968-1979. He was also a member of the Soviet Committee for Solidarity with the Countries of Asia and Africa. This volume collects Holmurod Sharifov's travel writings, including his accounts of trips to Iran, Afghanistan, Cuba, Canada, and Bulgaria, as well as destinations within the USSR.
Date: 2010 Source: Sharifov, Kholmurod. Tolei baland. Dushanbe: Pazhuhishgohi farsi-tojiki, 2010.