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Джалол Икрами: Неизвестные страницы Jalol Ikrami: Unknown Pages

Jonon Ikrami (1936-) is a chemist and the son of writer Jalol Ikromi. In these memoirs he recounts episodes from the life of his father, the Tajik author Jalol Ikrami. The memoirs cover the authors’ childhood, the 1937 purges, and Jalol Ikrami’s relationship with other Soviet and Central Asian political and literary figures like Sharaf Rashidov, Habibullo Nazarov, Mukhtar Auezov, Mikhail Zand, and Marietta Shaginyan. The memoirs complement Jalol Ikrami’s own memoirs.
Date: 2010 Source: Ikromi, Jonon. Jalol Ikrami: Neizvestnye stranitsy. Dushanbe: SDC, 2010.