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Падидаҳои худшиноси ё саҳифаҳо аз дафтари хотира The ways of self knowing, or, pages from my journal

Mirboboi Mirrahim (Mirbobo MIrrahimov) is a translator and expert in pre-Islamic religions. During perestroika, he became famous for his writings on the Tajik language and was one of the first writers to publicly discuss the status of Samarqand and Bukhara. In this Tajik-language volume written during perestroika, Mirrahim presents events related to the publication and reception of his journalistic works based on his journal entries.
Date: 1990 Source: Mirrahim, Mirboboi. Padidahoi khudshinosi yo sahifaho az daftari khotira. Dushanbe, 1990.