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Мусиқӣ дар ҳаёти ман Music in my life

From the publisher: Китоби «Мусиқӣ дар ҳаёти ман» доир ба мафҳуми мусиқӣ, таъсиру хосиятҳои он, роҷеъ ба фаъолияти бастакорони тоҷик ва марҳилаҳои инкишофи он маълумот медиҳад.
Ziyodullo Shahidi (1914-1985) was a Tajik musician, conductor, and composer. Originally trained in the Maqom tradition, Shahidi was recruited to the Moscow conservatory, where he studied with Aleksandr Lensky, Vladimir Fere, and Sergey Balasanyan - all of whom were involved in the project of "modernizing" indigenous musical traditions across the USSR. The volume collects Shahidi's essays on the music of other composers, as well as accounts of his initial recruitment, studies, work with the poet A. Dehoti, and other episodes from his career.
Date: 1986 Source: Shakhidi, Ziyodullo. Musiqi dar haeti man. Dushanbe: Irfon, 1986.