Шифротелеграмма Сталина И.В. ЦК КП(б) Узбекистана о председателе СНК. Coded telegram from I.V. Stalin to CC CP(b) Uzbekistan



To Tashkent CC CP(b) Uzbekistan

Karimov is unsuitable as SNK chair. You have already been informed of this. The CC VKP demands that Karimov be replaced by another candidate. Baltabaev cannot be nominated as SNK chair since he has also been denounced by detainees Ryskulov, Khodzhanov, Atabaev, and Faizull Khodzhaev. Try to nominate Tiuriabekov as SNK chair. It seems to us that the struggle against anti-Soviet elements is not being waged in Uzbekistan, and Ikramov is surrounded by those kinds of elements, which he doesn’t see or notice. Nr 27/ s, 1167/sh

CC VKP Secretary Stalin



Correct: Sukhova

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