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Société des Nations- Memorandum de La délégation du Parlement tatar de Crimée League pf Nations- Memorandum from the delegation of the Tartar Parliament of Crimea

Письмо Дж. Сейдамета в Генеральную Ассамблею Лиги наций
Date: 1921-09-28 Source: AMAEF-Z651-2-l.125-128

Société des Nations-Lettre en date du 5 juin, et mémorandum du Délégué plénipotentiaire du Parlement National Tatar de Crimée League of Nations - Letter, dated 5th June, and memorandum from the delegate plenipotentiary of the Tatar National Parliament of Crimea.

Письмо и мемомандум Дж. Сейдамета в Лигу наций о требованиях крымских татар
Date: 1920-06-05 Source: AMAEF-Z651-2-l.91-95


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Führer, we will follow you, 1934 referendum
Date: Source: SovMusPosters_dop_1
SovMusPosters_dop_1_Рис1доп_Führer, we will follow you,1934referendum.jpg


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Bezbozhink u stanka
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Streszczenie listu do Dżafera Sejdameta Summary of a letter to Seidamet

Резюме письма к Дж. Сейдамету
Date: 1935-08-12 Source: RGVA,f.461-K,op.2,d.124,l.67

Télégramme des Affaires Etrangères à Athenes par Billy portant sur la demande d'autorisation de membres du gouverment de Crimée de se rendre en France Telegramme from the French representative in Athens Billy on the request from Crimea goverment members to travel to France

Телеграмма из Афин от французского представителя о действиях Крымского правительства.
Date: 1919-04-28 Source: AMAEF-Z651-2-l.25

Télégramme par Noulens- Le point d'appui de la France pour la Crimée Telegram from Noulens, French Ambassador, about Crimea

Телеграмма о Крыме из Архангельска от французского посла в России Ж. Нуланса
Date: 1918-10-14 Source: AMAEF-Z651-2-l.3

Télégramme sur l'indépendance de la Crimée par A. M. Clinchant, Chargé d' Affaires à Berne Telegram about independence of Crimea from À. M. Clinchant, Chargé d’Affaires in Berne

Телеграмма по вопросу о независимом Крыме À. M. Clinchant, Chargé d’Affaires à Berne.
Date: 1918-09-24 Source: AMAEF-Z651-2-l.2

Абдурахим Ходжибаев: страницы короткой жизни Abdurahim Khodzhibaev: Pages From a Short Life

Abdurahim Khodzhibaev (1900-1938) was the first Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Tajik SSR. An early member of the Communist Party in Khujand, he rose to prominence in the 1930s before falling victim to the Great Terror. This memoir was written by his daughter, Baroat Khodzhibaeva.
Date: 2000 Source: B.A. Khodzhibaeva. Abdurakhim Khodzhibaev: stranitsy korotkoi zhizny (Khujand, 2000).

Адрес депутатов Государственной думы в Ставку Верховного Главнокомандующего, Начальнику Штаба Верховного Главнокомандующего, Военному министру Message from deputies of the State Duma to the Staff of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, the Chief of Staff of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief and the Minister of War

Date: 1916-07-21 Source: TsGARUz,f.I-1,op.31,d.1,l.51

Арбоби барчастаи давлати. J Rasulov: An Outstanding Government Official

Jabbor Rasulov (1913-1982) was a Tajik party and government official, and first secretary of the Tajik SSR Communist Party from 1961 until his death in 1982. An agronomist by training, he worked in the Komsomol and was briefly (1960-61) the USSR's ambassador to Togo. This volume includes reminscences and essays by historians and party officials, including Shodi Shabdolov, the head of Tajikistan's communist party after independence.
Date: 2003 Source: Masov, R.M., ed. Arbobi barjastai davlati. Dushanbe: Irfon, 2003.

Арзи дил The Heart's Desire

From the publisher: Sulton Mirzoshoev (1932-2016) was a Tajikistani politician and cultural official active in the Soviet and post-Soviet era. Originally from the Danghara region, he was educated at the teacher's college in Kulob and later at the Higher Party School in Moscow. This collection inculdes his account of the case against Tajikistan's First Secretary Tursun Uljaboev, which Mirzoshoev witnessed as a leader of the republic's Komsomol, and various episodes from the history of the republic's film industry, including an essay on the director Boris Kimegerov.
Date: 1996 Source: Sulton Mirzoshoev, Arzi dil (Dushanbe: Adib,1996).

Афғонистони инқилобӣ Revolutionary Afghanistan

From the publisher: Китоби «Афғонистони инқилобӣ», ки дар даст доред, идомаи навиштаи пешинаи муаллиф бо номи «Афгонистони шоҳӣ» (Д.: Деваштич, 2002) мебошад. Дар ин ҷо сухан аз ҳаводису воқеоте меравад, ки нигоранда дар тӯли солҳои 1978-1981 шоҳиди онҳо будааст. Китоби «Афғонистони инқилобӣ» барои устодону донишҷӯёни таърихшинос, барои ҳамаи ононе, кимехоҳанд аз тақдири Афғонистону мардуми афгон дар солҳои 1978-81 иттилое дошта бошанд, мароқовару ҷолиб мебошад. Ин китобест, ки бо усули қисса андар қисса нигошта шудааст. Аз ин рӯ онро бояд аз ибтидо то интиҳо хонд. H. Asozoda (1941-2014) was a prominent literary historian and educator who served two tours as an interpreter in Afghanistan. This is the second of H. Asozoda's Afghanistan memoirs, covering the author's service as an interpreter after the Saur Revolution (April 1978) until 1981. The book discusses interactions with other interpreters, advisors, and officers, relations with Afghanistanis, daily life among Soviets working in Afghanistan, and prominent political figures like Hafizullah Amin and Nur Mohammed Taraki. The book also provides insights into the key political developments of those years as seen by an in interpreter.
Date: 2003 Source: Asozoda, Khudoinazar. Afghonistoni inqiloby. Dushanbe: Devashtich, 2003.

Афғонистони шоҳӣ Royal Afghanistan

From the publisher: Хонандаи гироми! Китобе, ки дар даст доред хотираҳои сафари як ҷавони тоҷиканд, ки дар тули се сол (1971-73) дар Афғонистон ба ҳайси тарҷумон ҳамроҳи маъданшиносони Шӯрави хидмат кардааст. Муаллиф гохдо ба тартиби рӯзҳо риоя карда, вале аксаран ба тарзи умумият додани воқеоту ҳавводиси аз сар гузаронида, дидаву шунидаҳояшро рӯи коғаз овардааст. Китоб инчунин руҷуъҳои муаллифро ба гузаштаву зиндагии муосири мардуми тоҷику афган дар бар мегирад. Аз ин ҷиҳат ҳам баробари дигар фазилатҳояш қобили таваҷҷӯҳи хонандагон хоҳад гардид. H. Asozoda (1941-2014) was a prominent literary historian and educator who served two tours as an interpreter in Afghanistan. This book covers the author's first period in the country, from 1971-1973, when he accompanied a team of Soviet geologists conducting exploratory works around the country. It includes accounts of interactions with ordinary Afghanistanis, as well as cultural and political figures. This volume also includes the author's impressions of Afghanistani politics during a period which saw the end of the monarchy and the foundation of a republic by Mohammed Daoud.
Date: 2002 Source: Asozoda, Khudoinazar. Afghonistoni shohy. Dushanbe: Devashtich, 2002.

Концертное турне по Средней Азии Тамары Ханум
Advertisement 201.Tamara Khanum concert tour around Central Asia

Russian and Uzbek text (Arabic script) Paper, printing. 43×97 cm
Date: n/d Source: Mardjani Foundation. No. IM/P-240

Афиша Гастроли узбекского Гос. музыкального театра Наркомпроса Уз ССР Advertisement.Tour by the Uzbek State Musical Theatre of the Uzbek SSR People’s Commissariat for Public Education

Russian text
Moscow–Leningrad. Summer of 1930 Paper, printing. 55×109 cm
Date: 1930 Source: Mardjani Foundation. No. IM/P-239

Афиша Госцирка.
Госцирк. Тамара Брок
State Circus advertisement.State Circus. Tamara Brok

By Е. G.
Russian and Uzbek text (Arabic script)
Moscow Region Literature and Publishing Office, dated 29/XI. Published by the State Circus. 1936 Print run: 3000 copies
Paper, printing. 83.4×56.4 cm
Date: 1936 Source: Mardjani Foundation. No. IM/P-157

Ахтарон. Маҷмӯи ёддоштҳо Stars. Collected memoirs

From the publisher: Китоби нависанда Холмурод Шарифов “Ахтарон" асари ёддоштӣ буда, дар он муаллиф маҳорати нигорандагии худро бо нозукиҳояш намоиш додааст. “Ахтарон" нусхаи такмилёфтаи ёддоштҳои мусанниф “Оламафрӯзон" (Душанбе, “Маориф" 1992 ва “Ахтарони фарҳанг" (Душанбе, “Ирфон” 2002) буда, дар он иловаҳои зиёд ворид гардидаанд. Бахшҳои ёддоштӣ роҷеъ ба Суҳайлӣ Ҷавҳаризода, Мирсаид Миршакар, Раҳим Ҷалил ва Одина Ҳошим иловаҳои тозаанд. Ёддоштнависӣ аз жанрҳои душвори адабиёт маҳсуб ёфта, он диди хос, дарки амиқи матлаб, маҳорати фавқулоддаро дар масоили доги умдаи рӯз талаб мекунад. Омӯхтаву андӯхтаҳои муаллиф дар шакли ёддоштҳои ҷолибу хотирнишин ва латифу ҳикматангез рӯи когаз омадаву дар ҳамин китоби пурмӯҳтаво манзури хонандагони сершумор, хусусан омӯзгорон мегардад. Holmurod Sharifov (1927-2017) was a Tajik-Soviet party and government official. Originally from the area of Panjikent, he and his family were resettled in the Vaksh valley in 1937; after 1946 he embarked on a career in the Komsomol and later in the Party. He eventually earned a kandidatskaia degree from the Academy of Social Sciences of the CPSU. He served as Deputy Minister of Culture and Central Committee Secretary for Culture of the Communist Party of Tajikistan from 1968-1979. He was also a member of the Soviet Committee for Solidarity with the Countries of Asia and Africa. This book collects previously published recollections about Soviet-Tajik cultural figures, including those he traveled with as part of official trips to Afghanistan, the USA, Canada, Bulgaria, and beyond. Among the many figures discussed in the book are Sadriddin Ayni, Mirzo Tursunzoda, the film director Boris Kimergerov, and Bobojon Gafurov.
Date: 2004 Source: Sharifov, Holmurod. Akhtaron. Majmui eddoshtho. Dushanbe: Sharqi ozod, 2004.

Ашк ва ханда
Love and laughter

From the publisher: Зиндагии инсон миёни талхиву ширищо сипарй мешавад ва шояд мо кам ба он таваҷҷӯҳ дорем ва на ҳама вақт ба қадри он мерасем. Дар ишрищои зиндагӣ ёде аз талхщост ва дар талхиҳои он намакест аз ширищо. Лаҳзаҳое, ки зиндагии ман ва хонаводаам ҳамчун ашк дар сари мижгон меистод ва ҳар дам номулоиматщо ва нохушояндщое дар як сарзамини дигар бар сари бандаи гариб таҳдид дошт, ба тасвири талхиву ширищои рузгор ва кори баргардони ҳикматҳо ва латифаҳои беҳтарини дунё пардохтам ва он душворщоро бо хандаҳои гиряолуд ороставу пироста сохтам.

Mirboboi Mirrahim (Mirbobo MIrrahimov) is a translator and expert in pre-Islamic religions. During perestroika, he became famous for his writings on the Tajik language and was one of the first writers to publicly discuss the status of Samarqand and Bukhara. He also became one of the cofounders of Rastokhez, Tajikistan's first independent political organization. This volume of his memoirs, however, covers earlier years in the 1970s and 1980s and describes his experiences at university in Dushanbe, interactions with Tajik poets, and commentary on other writers' works.
Date: 2007 Source: Mirrahim, Mirboboi. Ashk va khanda. Dushanbe: Bokhtar, 2007.

Бабка калечит твое здоровье A midwife harms your health

By G. Arslanov
Russian and Tatar text (Arabic script)
Kazan. Published by the Tatar People’s Committee for Healthcare and the Tatar Region Red Cross Committee. Tatpoligraph, Proletarskoye Slovo print shop. 1927
Print run: 3000 copies
Paper, printing 35×54 cm
Date: 1927 Source: SCMCHR. SIN 30124/974

Без активного участия женщины
в производственном союзе и производстве не может быть восстановлено хозяйство республики
The republic’s economy cannot be rebuilt without the active involvement of women in the production alliance and in production

Unknown artist
Russian and Uzbek text (Arabic script) Tashkent. Turkestan State Publishing House Print shop No. 1. 1920s
Print run: 5000 copies
Paper, printing. 71.5×55 cm
Date: 1920 Source: Mardjani Foundation. No. IM/P-88

Белое солнце пустыни

Date: Source:

Беседа с членом Всероссийского Учредительного собрания Г.Х. Терегуловым

Date: 1918-07-19 Source: Vestnik Komitete chlenov Vserossiiskogo Uchrediterlnogo sobraniia

Боевое расписание банд в Таджикской ССР (численность)

Date: 1931-04-10 Source: RGVA,f.25895,op.1,d.721,l.137

Была медлительна жизнь на Востоке... Life in the East was slow...

Unknown artist
Russian and Azerbaijani text (Arabic script). Baku. BWAA RTACRB. State Publishing House ‘Azerbaijani Republican Print Center’. 1920s Print run unknown
Paper, printing. 71.2×51 cm
Date: 1920 Source: Mardjani Foundation. No. IM/P-56

В безграмотной стране коммунизм построить нельзя Communism cannot be built in an illiterate country

Unknown artist
Uzbek text (Latin script)
Tashkent. Print shop No. 2 of the Uzbek Printing Trust. 1931
Print run: 2000 copies
Paper, printing. 74.5×105 cm
Date: 1931 Source: Mardjani Foundation. No. IM/P-68

В день выборов в Верховный Совет УзССР! Day of elections to the Uzbek SSR Supreme Soviet!

By V. Kaidalov
Russian and Uzbek text (Latin script)
Tashkent. UzSSR State Publishing House. 1938 Print run: 20 000 copies
Paper, printing. 86×62 cm
Date: 1938 Source: SCMCHR. SIN 30124/986

В Женотдел ЦК КПТ о калыме To the Women’s Department CC CPT about kalym [bride money]

Date: 1923 Source: RGASPI,f.17,op.10,d.441,l.38
Transcription Translation

В Закавказское Шиитское Духовное Правление. Календарь духовных праздников на 1917 год To the Transcaucasian Shiite Religious Board. A Calendar of Muslim spiritual holidays for 1917

Date: 1916-09-15 Source: GIAAR,f.290,op.2,d.3719,l.103

В исполбюро ЦК КПТ о кодексе и шариате To the CC CPT Executive Bureau on reconciling the Code of Civil Law with traditional Muslim Sharia Law and Adat

Date: 1923 Source: RGASPI,f.17,op.10,d.441,l.54
Transcription Translation

В июне 1918 г. тов. Сталин организовал отправку в Туркестан 2 миллионов патронов, 10 тыс. бомб, большого отряда красноармейцев In June 1918 Comrade Stalin arranged to send 2 million cartridges, 10 thousand bombs and a big Red Army detachment to Turkestan

Poster sketch
By S. Redkin
Russian text
Stencil. Paper on canvas, gouache, whitewash 62×62.5 cm
Date: 1930 Source: Mardjani Foundation. No. IM/P-238

В каждом колхозе у колхозников имеются приусадебные участки All collective-farm members have land plots of their own

By S. Malt
Uzbek text (Latin script)
Tashkent. Uzbek State Publishing House. 1933 Print run unknown
Paper, printing. 71×105.1 cm
Date: 1933 Source: SCMCHR. SIN 39021/8

В мухаррам! To Muharram

Unknown artist
Azerbaijani text (Arabic script) Publisher and print run unknown. 1920s Paper, printing. 88.5×58 cm
Date: 1920 Source: Mardjani Foundation. No. IM/P-150

В республике Советов нет места национальной розни!
Все трудящиеся – на перевыборы Советов!
There is no place for nationality-based enmity in a Soviet republic! All working people, take part in the re-election of Soviets!

Unknown artist
Russian and Uzbek text (Arabic script)
Tashkent. Print shop No. 1 of the Uzbek Printing Trust. 1930s
Print run: 15 000 copies
Paper, printing. 109.5×71,9 cm
Date: 1930 Source: SCMCHR. SIN 13333/16

В секретариат ЦК РКП по вопросу о регистрации брака мусульманки To the Secretariat CC RKP on the registration of marriages of Muslim females

Date: 1923 Source: RGASPI,f.17,op.10,d.441,l.42
Transcription Translation

В СНК СССР В.М. Молотову от Председателя СДРК при СНК СССР об удовлетворении ходатайства ДУМ САК о отправлении группы из 6 мусульман в паломничество в Мекку Polyansky to Molotov regarding the request from the Muslim Religious Directorate for Central Asia and Kazakhstan to allow pilgrimage of six religious Muslims to Mecca in 1944

Date: 1944-09-14 Source: GARF,f.6991,op.3,d.1,l.22
Transcription Translation

В Тифлисско-Кутаисский Суннитский губернский Меджлис о содержании муллы Штаба Кавкаской армии Н. Терегулова To the Tiflis-Kutaisi Sunni Provincial Majlis оn the salary of the mullah of the Caucasus Army Headquarters N. Teregulov

Date: 1915-11-14 Source: GIAAR,f.291,op.2,d.4955,l.4

В Тифлисское губернское правление о назначении Н. Терегулова муллой штаба Кавказской армии с 4 августа 1915 г. To the Tiflis provincial government оn the appointment of N. Teregulov as the mullah of the Caucasian army headquarters starting on August 4, 1915

Date: 1915-12-05 Source: GIAAR,f.291,op.2,d.4955,l.2-2ob