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Река времени: от Сталина до Горбачева The River of Time: From Stalin to Gorbachev

This volume of Mukhitdinov's memoirs provides much more information about his time as ambassador to Syria as well as his relationship with Sharof Rashidov, Frol Kozlov, Aleksei Kosygin, and others.
Date: 1994 Source: Mukhitdinov, Nuriddin. Reka vremeni: Ot Stalina do Gorbacheva. Moscow: Rusti-Rosti, 1994.

Годы проведенные в Кремле Years in the Kremlin

Nuriddin Mukhidinov was an Uzbek Soviet party official and later ambassador to Syria. A veteran of the great patriotic war, he became first secertary of the Communist Party of Uzbekistan under Khrushchev before becoming the first Central Asian to member of the Presidium (Politburo) of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The memoir covers his childhood, war service, rise to power, relations within the Kremlin, as well as his work on ideological issues and destalinization.
Date: 1994 Source: Mukhitdinov, N. A. Gody provedennye v Kremle (Tashkent, 1994).

Худое, худро бишиносам To know oneself and to know God

From the publisher: Олим ва нависандаи маъруф Расул Ҳодизода дар китоби хотироташ ҳамзамон бо тасвири марҳилаҳои зиндаги ва фаъолияти худ дар бораи воқеахри таърихии илму маданият ва симохри шинохтаи адабиёт, илм ва фарх,анги тоҷик хркоятхри ҷолиб аз диду дили худ нақл намудааст. Чунонки муаллиф гуфтааст, ин китоб "еде аз саҳифаҳои таърихи замой ва одамон аст", ки 6а хонандаи имруз тақдим мешавад. Rasul Hodizoda (1928-2010) was a writer, translator, and scholar. Born in Samarkand, he studied in Tashkent, worked briefly in radio, and later did graduate work in Moscow. Hodizoda spent most of his career at the Rudaki Institute in Dushanbe, but was also active in the Union of Writers and published in all-union publications such as Druzhba Narodov. These particularly detailed memoirs cover his childhood, education, and career. Hodizoda also provides detail on his experiences writing a novel about Ahmad Donish and his relationship with mentors like Sadriddin Ayni, Mikhail Andreev, and Aleksandr Semenov, as well as contemporaries like Muhamadjon Shakurov (Shakuri), Shavqat Niezi, Semen Lipkin, and Mikhail Zand.

Date: 2006 Source: Hodizoda, Rasul. Khudoe, khudro bishinosam. Dushanbe: Devashtich, 2006.