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حکایتها آکنده از حیات Stories full of life

Muhammadjon Shakuri (Shakurov) (1924-2012) was a Tajik philologist and academician. He studied at the pedagogical institute in Dushanbe and later earned his kandidatskaia and doktorskaia degrees at the Institute of World Literature in Moscow. His professional home, however, remained the Rudaki Institute of Language and Literature in Dushanbe. In the late 1980s he became a leading figure in the campaign for the primacy of the Tajik language. This volume, published in the Arabic/Persian script with the support of the Iranian Embassy in Dushanbe, includes accounts of raising Tajik-speaking children in a mixed family (his wife was Russian), his experience studying for a graduate degree, and his perestroika-era activism.
Date: 2014 Source: Shakuri, Muhammadjon. Hikoiathoi okhanda az hayot. Dushanbe: Royzanii farhangi Saforati Jumhurii Islomi Eron dar Tojikiston, 2014.

Ясли, детские сады, общественные столовые раскрепостят женщину Nursery schools, kindergartens and public canteens will emancipate women

Unknown artist
Russian text
Kazan. State Publishing House. 1921 Paper, printing. 31×38 cm
Print run: 2000 copies
Date: 1921 Source: SCMCHR. SIN 13353/18

Юный пролетарий! Что ты сделал для голодающих братьев Поволжья? Young proletarian! What did you do for starving brothers in the Volga Region?

By S. Zab
Russian text
Kazan. Published by the Youth Section
of the Tatar State Publishing House. 1921
Print run: 5000 copies
Paper, printing. 54×35.8 cm
Date: 1921 Source: SCMCHR. SIN 27851/111

Эскиз плаката «Четвертое условие т. Сталина» Poster sketch “Stalin’s Fourth Condition”

By V. Ufimtsev
Paper, lead pencil, Indian ink, gouache 37×24.5 cm
Date: 1932 Source: Mardjani Foundation. No. IM/P-151

Экстренное отношение начальника Изысканий по устройству водохранилищ в верховьях р. Сырдарьи И.Г. Александрова туркестанскому генерал-губернатору Ф.В. Мартсону о назначении воинских команд для охраны технического персонала и казенного имущества гидрометрических станций в Пишпекском и Наманганском уездах. Urgent official letter from I. G. Aleksandrov, director of Surveying for the Construction of Reservoirs in the Upper Reaches of the Syr Darya, to F. V. Martson, governor-general of Turkestan, on the appointment of military squads to protect technical personnel and the state property of hydrometric stations in Pishpek and Namangan uezds.

Date: 1916-07-18 Source: RGIA,f.432,op.1,d.422,l.6,7

Штатные ведомости САДУМ

Date: 1957-03-07 Source: TsGARUz,f.2456,op.1,d.189,l.59-62,35-38

Штат магометанских мулл и их оклады по военным округам Mohammedan clergy positions and their salaries by military districts

Date: 1908-06-19 Source: PSZ RI. V.28, Otdelenie 2, SPb., 1911, l.117

Шифртелегрмма Сталина в Кзыл-Орду о Букейханове Coded cable from Stalin to Kzyl-Orda about Bukeikhanov

Date: 1927-5-17 Source: RGASPI,f.558,op.11,d.35,l.22
Transcription Translation

Шифртелеграмма Сталина в Ташкент по вопросу ареста басмачей Encoded telegram from Stalin to the Central Asian Bureau in Tashkent about the arrest of Basmachi

Date: 1923-11-3 Source: RGASPI,f.558,op.11,d.31,l.124
Transcription Translation

Шифртелеграмма Сталина в Ташкент об освобождении басмачей Encoded telegram from Stalin to the Central Asian Bureau in Tashkent concerning releasing the Basmachi

Date: 1923-11-6 Source: RGASPI,f.558,op.11,d.31,l.126
Transcription Translation

Шифртелеграмма Молотова в Ташкент о ликвидации басмачества Coded telegram from Molotov to Tashkent on the liquidation of the basmachi movement

Date: 1922-02-16 Source: RGASPI,f.558,op.11,d.29,l.4
Transcription Translation

Шифротелеграмма Сталина И.В. ЦК КП(б) Узбекистана о председателе СНК. Coded telegram from I.V. Stalin to CC CP(b) Uzbekistan

Date: 1937-08-2 Source: RGASPI,f.558,op.11,d.57,l.19

Шифротелеграмма Сталина И.В. Ашурову в Сталинабад о председателе ЦИКа. Coded telegram from I.V. Stalin to Ashurov about CEC chairman

Date: 1937-08-11 Source: RGASPI,f.558,op.11,d.57,l.38
Transcription Translation

Шифротелеграмма Сталина И.В. Андрееву А.А. в Ташкент в связи с его шифровкой о Сегизбаеве. Coded telegram from I.V. Stalin to A.A. Andreev in connection with his telegram about Segizbaev

Date: 1937-9-25 Source: RGASPI,f.558,op.11,d.57,l.97,98ob
Transcription Translation

Шифротелеграмма Сталина И. В. и Молотова В. М. в Токио полпреду Славуцкому Coded telegram from I.V. Stalin and V.M. Molotov to plenipotentiary Slavutsky in Tokyo

Date: 1937-9-22 Source: RGASPI,f.558,op.11,d.57,l.83
Transcription Translation

Шифротелеграмма Сталина И. В. в Ташкент Средазбюро Encoded telegram from Stalin to the Central Asian Bureau in Tashkent

Date: 1922-06-13 Source: RGASPI,f.558,op.11,d.29,l.104
Transcription Translation

Шифротелеграмма Сталина И. В. в Ташкент Орджоникидзе Г. К. о выполнении директив ПБ в отношении Туркестана Encoded telegram from Stalin to Ordzhonikidze in Tashkent on following the PB directives about Turkestan

Date: 1922-05-17 Source: RGASPI,f.558,op.11,d.29,l.57
Transcription Translation

Шифротелеграмма Сталина И. В. Ашурову об исключении Шотемора как ПредЦИКа Таджикистана Coded telegram from I.V. Stalin to Ashurov on expelling Shotemor as Tadzhikistan Central Executive Committee chairman

Date: 1937-07-24 Source: RGASPI,f.558,op.11,d.57,l.4-5
Transcription Translation

Шифротелеграмма Сталина Гусеву и Ходжанову в Ташкент о прекращении выселений из Семиречья Encoded telegram from Stalin to Gusev and Khodzhanov in Tashkent about stopping evictions in Semirechie

Date: 1922-07-17 Source: RGASPI,f.558,op.11,d.30,l.28
Transcription Translation

Шестая лотерея ОСОАВИАХИМа Sixth lottery of the Defense, Aviation and Chemical Industry Support Society

Unknown artist
Uzbek language (Latin script)
Unknown artist
Publisher and print run details: N/A. 1930s Paper, printing. 74×52.5 cm
Date: 1931 Source: Mardjani Foundation. No. IM/P-2

Шепилов, Слепов и Суханов о проведении праздника "Каун-Саиль" в Узбекистане Shepilov, Slepos and Sukhanov to Malenkov on the Kaun-sail holiday in Uzbekistan

Date: 1949-04-07 Source: RGASPI,f.17,op.132,d.114,l.7-8,6a,9
Transcription Translation

Шепилов Секретарю ЦК ВКП(б) Суслову о работе СДРК

Date: 1947-07-07 Source: RGASPI,f.17,op.125,d.506,l.134-135

Шелковый ковер Ленин Silk carpet Lenin

By М. Remiz
Text in the languages of peoples of the world Moscow–Tashkent. ‘Pravda Vostoka’ print shop 1933
Print run: 50150 copies
Paper, printing. 51.4×36.4 cm
Date: 1933 Source: Mardjani Foundation. No. IM/P-193

Шахматы и шашки – в массы! Bring chess and checkers to the masses!

By A. Petrosov
Russian and Uzbek text (Latin script) Tashkent. UzSSR AUCPE Publishing House ‘Pravda Vostoka’ print shop. 1934
Print run: 3000 copies
Paper, printing. 87.2×72 cm
Date: 1934 Source: Mardjani Foundation. No. IM/P-138

Что делает Советская власть для развития хлопководства What the Soviet government is doing to develop cotton-growing

Unknown artist
Kazakh text (Arabic script)
Tashkent. Print shop No.1 of the Uzbek State Publishing House. 1930s
Print run: 530 copies
Paper, printing. 71×106.4 cm
Date: 1930 Source: Mardjani Foundation. No. IM/P-81

Чистота – залог здоровья ребенка Cleanliness means a healthy child

Unknown artist
Russian and Tatar text (Arabic script)
Kazan. Published by the Tatar People’s Committee for Healthcare and the Tatar Region Red Cross Committee. Tatpoligraph, Proletarskoye Slovo print shop. 1927
Print run: 3000 copies
Paper, printing 36.5×53.4 cm
Date: 1927 Source: SCMCHR. SIN 30124/972

Чеҳраҳои шинохта Familiar Faces

From the publisher: Дар ин китоб паҳлуҳои гуногуни эҷодиёти чанд тан аз адибони барҷастаи муосири тоҷик, аз ҷумла Зуфархон Ҷавҳари, Садриддин Айнӣ, Абулқосим Лоҳутӣ, Пайрав Сулаймонӣ, Мирзо Турсунзода, Раҳим Ҷалил, Мӯъмин Қаноат ва дигарон мавриди баррасӣ қарор гирифтааст. Khursheda Otakhonova (1932-2016) was a Tajik literary historian, known in particular for her work on Abdulqassim Lahuti and Sadriddin Ayni. This volume collects a number of articles by Khursheda Otakhonova on Tajik writers like Sadriddin Ayni, A. Lahuti, Mirzo Tursunzoda, Sotim Ulughzoda, and others. The second half of volume includes her personal recollections about Mohammed Osimi, Tursunzoda, Abdullojon Gafforov, Habibullohon Saidmurodov, and Suhayli Javharizoda.
Date: 2004 Source: Otakhonova, Khursheda. Chehrahoi shinokhta. Dushanbe: Devashtich, 2004

Черные тучи капитала, окутывающие фабрики, заводы и поля, рассеиваются пред ярким солнцем социализма The black clouds of capital blanketing factories, plants and fields are dispersed by the bright sun of socialism

Unknown artist
Russian text
Kazan. Published by the Province Printing Office 1919
Print run unknown
Date: 1919 Source: SCMCHR. SIN 29297/210

Черновик письма Уфимского Губернатора о политической благонадежности кандидата на должность военного муллы Мухамедмагсума Мусина Draft of the letter of the Ufa Governor on political loyalty of Muhamedmagsum Musin, candidate for the military mullah position

Date: 1916-11-18 Source: TsIARB,f.I-295,op.10,d.567,l.220

Через Советы нанесем решительный удар бытовому рабству труженицы Востока Through Soviets we’ll strike decisively at the household slavery of Eastern female toilers

Unknown artist
Russian and Kyrgyz text (Arabic script) Frunze. Kyrgyz State Publishing House. 1920s Print run unknown
Paper, printing. 108×72 cm
Date: 1920 Source: SCMCHR. SIN 30486/67 (a, b, v)

Циркулярное предписание Закавказского шейх уль-ислама, разосланное во все меджлисы в уездных городах Закавказского края, 28 сентября 1863 года за №184 Circular directive from the Transcaucasian Sheikh ul-Islam, distributed to all majlises in the uezd towns of Transcaucasian Krai, No. 184 of 28 September 1863

Составлено закавказским шайх ал-исламом ахундом Ахмедом Гусейн-заде
Date: 1863-09-28 Source: TsIAG,f.7,op.1,d.2231,l.139-140ob

Циркулярное письмо по восточному вопросу. (Газета "Известия" Оргбюро Киргизского края № 1) Circular directive regarding the Eastern question

Date: 1920-02-21 Source: RGASPI,f.17,op.86,d.129,l.15-15ob
Transcription Translation

Циркулярное письмо №6 Петерса Восточным органам ГПУ по вопросам национальной политики

О великорусском и туземном шовинизме
Date: 1923-06-25 Source: RGASPI,f.17,op.84,d.587,l.122-125

Циркуляр Средазбюро по раскрепощению женщин

Date: 1927-01-4 Source: RGASPI,f.121,op.2,d.36,l.48-58

Циркуляр Средазбюро о работе среди женщин

Date: 1923-01-11 Source: RGASPI,f.62,op.2,d.51,l.9-10

Циркуляр ОГПУ по вопросу о преподавании вероучения в мусульманских школах OGPU Circular directive regarding the question of teaching religious doctrine in Muslim schools

Date: 1924-05-12 Source: RGASPI,f.17,op.84,d.587,l.207-208
Transcription Translation

Циркуляр об установлении дня освобождения киргизской женщины Circular-directive on establishing a celebration of the day of liberation of Kirgiz women

Date: 1923-12-12 Source: RGASPI,f.17,op.10,d.387,l.63
Transcription Translation

Циркуляр Наркомнаца «О преподавании мусульманского вероучения». Октябрь 1922 г. Circular letter from the People’s Commissariat of Nationalities on Teaching of the Muslim Creed, [October 1922]

Date: 1923-01-04 Source: RGASPI,f.17,op.84,d.602,l.19

Циркуляр для Туркреспублики о борьбе с калымом Circular letter for the Turkrepublic on cancelling kalym

Date: 1923 Source: RGASPI,f.17,op.10,d.215,l.23
Transcription Translation

Циркуляр Главного штаба, приказ №187 Circular letter of the General Staff, Order No. 187

Календарь неправославных праздников на 1917 год Calendar of non-Orthodox holidays for 1917
Date: 1916-12-07 Source: NIAB (National Historical Archives of Belarus),f.586,op.1,d.3,l.286-287

Ҳамтабаки Шодмон Юсупов ва Хулькар Юсупов ПӮКИД.
The Union of Shodmon Yusuf and Khulkar Yusupov has come Undone

From the publisher: Ҳеҷ гоҳ бо чунин дилгарми дар навиштани посухе capгарм нашуда будам, чуноне ки дар як моҳи пас аз Наврӯзи соли 2011. Зеро ҳамин даҳ-понздаҳ соли ахир чандин китоб ва садҳо мақола дар мукобили андеша ва шахсияти Мирбобои Мирраҳим (Мирраҳимов) ба нашр расида, ки аксари онҳо қобили накд ва посух нестанд, аммо дурӯғпароканӣ ва тӯҳматномаи С. Мирзорахматов аз ҷинси дигар аст. Дар мавриди навиштаҳои С. Мирзорахматов метавон танҳо бо ибораи хеле зебои Ибни Ҳуққал (Ҳавқал) ифодаи матлаб кард, ки барҳақ дар сурату сирати ин қабил бузургворон мефармояд: «ишон пойбанд ба фазоили ахлоқӣ нестанд ва дар касби разоил бисёр ҳарисанд». Ба ҳар ҳол дурӯғпароканиҳои ҷаноби С. Мирзорахматов, боне шуд, ки дар посухҳо бо бурҳони қотеъ парда аз чеҳраи ҳақиқии он кас бардошта, шахсияти яке аз коргардонони асосии фоҷиаҳои хунини моҳи феврали соли 1990 барои касби мақоми аввал дар Тоҷикистонро дақиқ нишон дода, бисёр дигар иттилоот ва далелҳо дар боби таърихи худшиносии миллии тоҷикон ва умуман таърихи навин мисол оварда шавад, ки то ба ҳол аксарият аз онҳо огоҳ набуданд ва ё бархе аз таре ва барқасд аз онҳо иҷтиноб меварзиданд...
Mirboboi Mirrahim (Mirbobo MIrrahimov) is a translator and expert in pre-Islamic religions. During perestroika, he became famous for his writings on the Tajik language and was one of the first writers to publicly discuss the status of Samarqand and Bukhara. He also became one of the cofounders of Rastokhez, Tajikistan's first independent political and writer; during perestroika he was one of the founders of Rastokhez, Tajikistan's first independent political organization. He later was involved in the brief opposition-led government that controlled Dushanbe between May and November 1992. This work comprises a combination of memoir-like sketches of the late 1980s and early 1990s, as well as polemics directed at those rival politicians and authors that Mirrahim believes to have misrepresented fact in their own published works.
Date: 2012 Source: Mirrahim, Mirboboi. Hamtabaqi Shodmon Iusuf va Khulkar Iusupov Pukid. Dushanbe: Bukhoro, 2012.

Худое, худро бишиносам To know oneself and to know God

From the publisher: Олим ва нависандаи маъруф Расул Ҳодизода дар китоби хотироташ ҳамзамон бо тасвири марҳилаҳои зиндаги ва фаъолияти худ дар бораи воқеахри таърихии илму маданият ва симохри шинохтаи адабиёт, илм ва фарх,анги тоҷик хркоятхри ҷолиб аз диду дили худ нақл намудааст. Чунонки муаллиф гуфтааст, ин китоб "еде аз саҳифаҳои таърихи замой ва одамон аст", ки 6а хонандаи имруз тақдим мешавад. Rasul Hodizoda (1928-2010) was a writer, translator, and scholar. Born in Samarkand, he studied in Tashkent, worked briefly in radio, and later did graduate work in Moscow. Hodizoda spent most of his career at the Rudaki Institute in Dushanbe, but was also active in the Union of Writers and published in all-union publications such as Druzhba Narodov. These particularly detailed memoirs cover his childhood, education, and career. Hodizoda also provides detail on his experiences writing a novel about Ahmad Donish and his relationship with mentors like Sadriddin Ayni, Mikhail Andreev, and Aleksandr Semenov, as well as contemporaries like Muhamadjon Shakurov (Shakuri), Shavqat Niezi, Semen Lipkin, and Mikhail Zand.

Date: 2006 Source: Hodizoda, Rasul. Khudoe, khudro bishinosam. Dushanbe: Devashtich, 2006.

Ходатайство председателя исполнительного комитета Временного правительства Шебалина министру-председателю князю Г.Е. Львову и военному министру А.И. Гучкову о возмещении убытков от мятежа «киргиз». Petition from Shebalin, chairman of the executive committee of the Provisional Government, to Prince G. Ye. Lvov, minister-chairman, and Minister of War A. I. Guchkov for compensation for losses from the “Kirgiz” revolt.

Date: 1917-04-10 Source: RGVIA,f.400,op.1,d.4639,l.44

Ходатайство Департамента Духовных Дел о назначении исполняющего обязанности военного муллы Петроградского военного округа Petition from the Department of Spiritual Affairs on the appointment of the interim military mullah of the Petrograd military district

Прошение М. Тухватуллина о назначении его военным муллой Петроградского военного округа M. Tukhvatullin's application for appointment as a military mullah of the Petrograd military district
Date: 1917-03-10 Source: RGIA,f.821,op.133,d.599,l.34

Ходатайство Баязитова в Штаб Петроградского военного округа о назначении его военным муллой округа Bayazitov's petition to the headquarters of the Petrograd Military District to be appointed as a military mullah of the district

Date: 1915-03-28 Source: RGIA,f.821,op.133,d.599,l.6

Ходатайство ахуна С. Баязитова в Департамент Духовных Дел о назначении его военным муллой Петроградского военного округа Petition of akhoondd S. Bayazitov to the Dept of the Spiritual Affairs to be appointed as a military mullah of the Petrograd military district

Date: [1915]-03-28 Source: RGIA,f.821,op.133,d.599,l.4

Хлебороб! В твоих руках жизнь рабочих, красноармейцев и детей, которые не должны голодать Grain grower! The life of workers, Red Army soldiers and children who must not starve is in your hands

Russian text
Unknown artist
Tashkent. Turkestan State Publishing House. 1920 Print run unknown
Paper, printing. 27×35.3 cm
Date: 1920 Source: SCMCHR. SIN 29297/137

Характеристика выпускников медресе Мир-Араб, окончивших обучение в 1964 г. Июнь 1964 г. Characterization of graduates of the Mir-Arab madras who finished their education in 1964. June 1964.

Date: 1964-06 Source: GARF,f.R6991,op.4,d.162,l.215-217

Х лет борьбы бакинского пролетариата. 1917–1927 10 years of Baku proletarian struggle. 1917–1927

Russian and Azerbaijani text (Latin script) Baku. Baku Print House Trust. 1927
Print run: 1500 copies Paper, printing. 72×90 cm
Date: 1927 Source: SCMCHR. SIN 13365/89

Формулярный список о службе председателя Шиитского духовного правления, Закавказского шейх-уль-ислама Ахунда Ахмеда Гусейн-заде Service record of Transcaucasian Sheikh ul-Islam Ahund Ahmed Husein-zade, chairman of the Shia Religious Board

Date: 1884-02-29 Source: GIAAR,f.290,op.1,d.378,l.3-10

Форма клятвенного обещания на верность службе лиц нехристианского исповедания по своду военных постановлений Template of the oath of allegiance for persons of non-Christian confession per corpus of military regulations

Форма присяги на пяти языках с дублированием на русском языке и на родном языке с русской транскрипцией Oath text in five languages with parallel Russian translation, and Russian transliteration
Date: 1907 Source: Svod voennykh postanovlenii 1869 g. V.6. SPb., 1907. Annex to article 6, l.55-74
Svod voennyych postanovlenii 1869 g. V.6. SPb., 1907. Annex to article 6, l.55-66.pdf

Фабрично-заводская спартакиада способствует выполнению промфинплана The plant & factory Spartakiad [Olympic-like competition] promotes fulfillment of the industrial and financial plan

Russian and Uzbek text (Latin script)
Tashkent. ‘Pravda Vostoka’ print shop 1930s Print run: 100 copies
Paper, printing. 31×90 cm
Date: 1930 Source: Mardjani Foundation. No. IM/P-230